TheraGun G2PRO Professional Massager


TheraGun G2PRO Professional Massager



Professional grade percussion therapy device that provides deep percussive massage to reduce muscle and joint pain, improve mobility, and enchance performance.

Deluxe Protective Carrying Case

Designed for ease and accessibility, take your G2PRO Kit anywhere you travel.

Lithium-ion Charger

Perfectly paired with our Rechargeable LithiumTech Batteries, easily recharge your batteries in 45 to 50 minutes.

Two (2x) Rechargeable LithiumTech Batteries

Unlimited battery life with two high quality Lithium-ion batteries, rated for 45 minutes each

AmpBIT Attachments

Cone Small muscle groups (e.g., feet and wrist) and trigger points
Dampener Bone and sensitive areas
Standard Ball General use
Large Ball Large muscle groups (e.g., quads, glutes and extreme muscle groups) and joint soreness


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